Leaving AWS Cloud for Reclaim Hosting

Leaving AWS Cloud for Reclaim Hosting

For the last 3-4 years, I have been maintaining several developmental servers on the Amazon Cloud. I don’t even remember what my first server was, whether it was a Moodle, a WordPress Blog, or Pressbooks. It’s sometimes interesting that one of the most formative experiences of my career may have been a job that I didn’t get. I had interviewed at a prestigious New York Liberal Arts college to manage their Domain of One’s Own program.

I spent weeks preparing for that interview. By the time I walked into the interview, I had studied the history of Domain of One’s Own. I had practiced creating and tearing down servers using Digital Ocean and templates from Bitnami, and I was running a WHM server that could act as a hub for activity. I didn’t get the job. I spent too much time talking about the student experience when the administrators had already decided to limit access to just their faculty at first, and they didn’t want someone to bootstrap it together, they had already contracted with a vendor to provide their services.

It didn’t stop me from learning a lot from the experience though, and I always wanted to have a Domains initiative. My wish came through with SUNY Create! I still kept running my own servers however, at first on a free student account, and later just paying the monthly bill.

At one point I had 5 servers running on the Amazon Cloud (WordPress, Moodle, Pressbooks, OpenLab), but today I closed down my last one after migrating it to Reclaim Hostings servers.

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