Building the SUNY Math Accessibility Cohort

Over the past year, I have been involved with a group of Instructional Designers, Librarians, Accessibility Professionals, and SUNY System Administration leadership that we called the SUNY Math Accessibility Cohort.

Prior to building the cohort, I was being asked to run more sessions across SUNY on Accessibility in Math, MathML, and how to create math that can be read by screen readers and assistive technology. Working with Nazely Kurkijan, SUNY System EIT Accessibility Officer and Coordinator of Disability and Nontraditional Student Services, we tried to put together a team of people across SUNY and across the sectors of SUNY that can help train Instructional Designers and Accessibility Professionals on what is possible in STEM.

We presented at the SUNY OTTER Institute as one way of reporting out after our year collaboration.

We continue to invite more professionals to join us in the evolving field of Math and STEM Accessibility, test our supported systems, and advocate for greater focus from our vendors to systematically address accessibility issues.

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