Adjusting Moodle for Accessibility

SUNY Delhi is a 4 year, residential college. It’s programs and course offerings are reflective of its history as a two year college of technology, with 40 associate degree programs, however it also offers 16 baccalaureate programs and several masters degree programs. These programs range from Automotive, Culinary Arts, Nursing, and Architecture and Design.

As representative to the Access and Equity committee, one of my main focuses has been on accessbility of online resources.

  • Update branding and colors to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AAA standards.  
  • Changed the default text editors from TinyMCE to Atto to ensure accessibility to screen readers and accessible keyboard navigation.
  • Joined the Moodle Accessibility Collaboration Group to participate in their monthly conference call and continue learning about Moodle’s most pressing accessibility issues.

Observing Moodle’s Accessibility Collaboration Group was formative for me, and encouraged me to submit a major project to the Moodle Users Association. The final project overhauled the Moodle Forums, which improved the accessibility of the overall platform.

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