Ed Beck

Instructional Designer,
Open and Online Learning Specialist

About me

I’m an Instructional Designer. I build educational experiences, fix things that are broken, and solve problems with technology.

I have been working in the Educational Technology field since 2013. My current position is at SUNY Oneonta, where I work with faculty on the development of online, blended, and hybrid courses. One of my main areas of interest is the exploration, adoption, and creation of high quality Open Resources. In the past I have focused on using online instructional tools in face to face classes, embedding technology skills into courses, and aligning content to standards.

I am pursuing my Ph. D in Curriculum and Instruction at SUNY Albany working within the department of Educational Theory and Practice. My interests include computer supported collaborative learning, learning analytics and assessment, and the creation and scaffolding of digital literacy skills across the curriculum.

What I do

I specialize in quickly adopting new technologies, matching projects to appropriate tools, and providing training. I work with instructors who are building textbooks, online courses, and enhancing face to face classes. I help them apply research-driven best practices, set goals, and create project management templates. We succeed when students have great learning experiences.

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Commons in a Box OpenLab
Carnegie Mellon Echo

Things I Care About


I have served on both institutional and SUNY Accessibility Committees. I work on general accessibility training and also specialized training on screenreaders and Math Accessibility.

Open Educational Resources

As the campus co-lead for Open Educational Resources I help faculty with both the adoption and creation of high quality Open Educational Resources. I help faculty find existing resources, build new, and answer questions about copyright and technology.

Digital Literacy

As one of the founders of SUNY’s Domain of One’s Own project, I give students and faculty access to website building programs and teach them the fundamentals of the modern internet.

Supporting Faculty

Working with faculty partners, my goal is to give the best learning experience to students at my institution.